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Below are the products and parts we have produced. Orphan car lighting is produced in runs of 30 to 50 parts. If a listed item is not on the shelf (and the tool is still usable) we will produce a single part. When tooling is no longer useable, 60 customer part request forms must be received prior to re-tooling. Each and every part is produced on premises in our laboratory. We are committed to quality, service and excellence.

Part # Part Name Price Photo
  Plastic Lense Care    
3KNuvoR Nuvoshine plastic polishig kit (Instructions.pdf - 64KB) $49.50
  Glass Etching    
275etchkit Glass Etching Kit inquire
  Light Lenses    
BMW6f Bmw 6 series front turn lens set (2) clear $425.00
  Maserati 3500GT Interior lens    
  Maserati Frua bodied Carello driving light  
DualGt Dual Ghia rear taillight red/clear diffuser # 12.580.718 set (4) $395.00
DualGr Dual Ghia reverse Carello set(2) $195.00
DualGlic Dual Ghia license illumination light DODBG set (2) $55.00
DualGf1 Dual Ghia front turn lens SWF # K12649 $82.00  
DualGf2 Dual Ghia front turn lens Hella # K2689 $82.00  
LaffrT La Forza front turn signal lens assembly amber or clear set (2)    
  55 Chrysler C 300 taillight lens    
  55 Chrysler C 300 front turn lens    
Desot55T 55 DeSoto tail light & reverse light lens set (2) includes reflex  
  56/57 DeSoto taillight lens sold only in sets (6)    
Dgelic 50-60s license illumination light DODBG    
  60 Chrysler taillight lens    
Chy61t 61 C300 Chrysler tailight lens set (2)    
  61 Plymouth B-body front turn lens    
Dge62t 62 Plymouth B-body taillight lens set (2)    
Dge64Bt 64 Dodge B-body taillight lens red or clear (1)  
  64 Dodge B-body front turns lens    
  64 Plymouth B-body front turn lens    
Ply64tBEL/sa 64 Plymouth Belvedere taillight lens Bel/Sav  
  65 Dodge B-body front turn lens    
Ply65Btbelvd 65 Plymouth Belvedere taillight lens 1 or 2 door set (2)  
Chryt66c300 66 C 300 taillight lens sold only in sets (4)    
Chryt66fc300 66 C 300 front turn light lens amber or clear  
Dge66/7t 66/67 Dodge Charger taillight lens set (3)  
  68 Plymouth Barracuda taillight lens    
Ply69t 69 Plymouth Roadrunner/Sat taillight lens set (2)  
Dge70t 70 Dodge Challenger taillight lens sold only in set (2)  
  70 B-body side marker light lens amber and red (lens only)    
  30 Pontiac taillight lens    
CrdHead 36/37 Cord headlight  
Aubhead 35/36 Auburn headlight lens  
CordL29t 29/32 Cord L29 taillight lens    
  51 Rambler tail    
NHt 51-54 Nash Healy taillight    
  53 Metro Early parklight    
  55 Mercury taillight lens    
  55 Mercury reverse lens    
  55 Packard Clipper taillight lens    
  58 Edsel Knee Knockers    
  59 El Camino/Belair wagon taillight lens sold only in sets (4)    
  59 El Camino reverse    
  59 El Camino license Illum    
  60 Edsel taillight lens    
Amx69t 68/69 AMX/Javalin taillight lens sold only in sets (3) L/R/C    
  Amphicar taillight Lense Hella SBL 83-3    
  Amphicar hood navigational light    
  Amphicar reverselight lens Hella # K2689    
  Amphicar front turnlight lens    
StzRev Stutz reverse Seima #40300 $104.00
  Stutz Blackhawk reverse Carello    
  Rolls Royce 60-66 Cloud III taillight lens set    
  Rolls Royce 58-59 Cloud I & II taillight lens set    
  Toyota 2000GT front turn lens  
  Toyota 2000GT rear taillight housing    
  Toyota 2000GT rear taillight lens    
  Toyota 2000GT rear reflex    
  Toyota 2000GT side marker    
  Triumph Carello Taillight 4 Piece Lens Set Amber/Red $425.00
  Other Concepts (Non - Automotive)    
  Video Camera Case  
  Solar Powered Fanny Pack  
  Earth Day Symbol 1994  
  Disposable Countdown Toothbrush    
  Prop Rod Parts  
  Other Concepts (Automotive)    

Disegni e proto tipi dagli

Squadra Nuvolari

Breakthrough Automotive
Lighting Concept

The iris (plural :IRIDES) is a circular structure in the eye (or in this case an automotive light assembly), responsible for allowing a distinct styling "signature." "Eye color" is the color of the iris, which can be green, blue, or brown. In some cases it can be hazel (a combination of light brown, green and gold), grey, violet, or even pink. Note the colored lens it mirrors the appearance of a human eye. This is made possible by various light wave lengths which activate coatings applied to the lens surface. The bright fluorescing daytime running light is made with a unique proprietary polymer. This material can be formulated to allow the proper opacity eliminating a pixilated appearance. An added amber flame turn indicator function completes the signature IRIDES concept.

Daytona Prototype Lenses  

Amphicar Propeller  
  Avanti Concept  
  Edizione Squadra Nuvolari Truck